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About Us

The International Guild of Lamp Researchers, Ltd.

The International Guild of Lamp Researchers Ltd. (a Pennsylvania Corporation) consists of a membership, Board of Directors and Secretary. The Board of Directors is composed of the eight most active members of the Guild regardless of nationally. This Board acts on matters of concern to the membership in general and as an advisory body. The Secretary is responsible for the daily actives and general business.

Board of Directors

  • D. Edminster, United States
  • F. Graff, United States
  • A. Kebapcioglu, France
  • W.T. Kirkman, United States
  • N. McRae, United Kingdom
  • T. Marsh, United States
  • D. Peterson, United States
  • F. Smith, United States
  • Secretary - D. Vantiger, United States
General Contact Information:
If you wish to obtain additional information about the Guild or a mailing address:

Summary of the By-Laws:
This group was formed to acknowledge and honor the contributions of dedicated lamp researchers to the growing body of knowledge in the field of antique fuel lighting, and to encourage collectors to share their knowledge. The concept is to invite a select group of lamp researchers and collectors, and other like-minded persons, to accept membership in The Guild. The Guild's purpose is to further the study of liquid or gaseous fueled lamps and lighting by informally organizing researchers in countries world-wide. The Guild fosters the free exchange of historical and technical information between members. It also encourages the sharing of this data through existing lamp Collecting Clubs and organizations. The Guild continues to be a vehicle to further our individual knowledge, and give Members (and thus all lamp collectors) greater insight into the objects of their collections.

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Membership comes by invitation from a current member. Invitees are nominated after demonstrated dedication to antique lighting and its study.

The Guild has two types of membership:

Regular Members: Are collectors and researchers that are actively involved in studying and information exchange regarding antique fuel lighting. Expert collectors whose experience and knowledge comes to the attention of The Guild, and for whom Membership may open the door to sharing and expanding on their knowledge.

Honorary Members: are non-researchers or collectors who have helped make our lighting research easier (such as Librarians or Museum Curators).

This website has become an easy, inexpensive, and effective way to facilitate communication to and from members, collectors and readers via the forum. The website proves a place for the Guild to assist those new to the subject of fuel lighting via the Question & Answer page. Anyone is welcome to browse, to learn, and ask questions. The Question & Answer is also designed to be a forum where senior collectors can exchange information and find help on fuel lighting restorations or research. We'll provide the space for your question, and will do our best to find you the answer. If you have suggestions for things you would like to see on this website, please email Guild Information. We hope you enjoy the website.

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