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Lamp Club Page

Lamp Collecting Clubs around the World

A listing of Lamp Collecting Clubs, for various areas liquid fueled lighting interest.

The Aladdin Knights

c/o J.W. Courter
550 Pioneer Lane
Calvert City, KY 42029
E-Mail: Brtknight@aol.com

For collectors of Aladdin kerosene and electric lamps (products of The Mantle Lamp Co. Of America and Aladdin Industries). Quarterly newsletter
To link directly with the Aladdin Knights Home Page, click Aladdin Knights

The National Association of Aladdin Lamp Collectors

This is the organization associated with the Aladdin Knights which produces the huge annual Gathering, Member Auction and International Lamp Show.
Find pictures of past events and information about upcoming shows on their website
To link directly with the National Association of Aladdin Lamp Collectors Home Page, click NAALC

Australian Lamplighters Guild, Inc.

P.O. Box 287
Blackburn South, Victoria 3130
E-Mail: austlampguild@hotmail.com

The club for Australian and New Zealand lighting collectors. Magazine, meetings.

The Fairy Lamp Club

c/o Jim Sapp
PO Box 438,
Pine, CO 80470-0438
E-Mail: jimsapp7@msn.com

This club was founded in 1996, and is for collectors of the colorful and sometimes exotic candle night lamps commonly called "Fairy Lamps". They have a most colorful and informative website at The Fairy Lamp Club. There is a fair amount of "cross-over" interest between Night Lamp collectors and the Fairy Lamp group.

The International Coleman Collectors Club

ICCC, Inc.
ICCC President
E-Mail: icccpres@intlccc.net

For collectors of Coleman gasoline and kerosene products (lamps, lanterns, hollow wire lighting systems, stoves and home appliances such as irons). This group holds a major convention each year, and has an informative newsletter (with color feature photos) published three times a year.
To go directly to their website click here: ICCC

The Historic Lighting Club

c/o Paul Mitchell, Membership Secretary
PO Box 125
Wiswell, Clitheroe, Lancs.
BB7 9WH, England
E-Mail: paulmitchell@btinternet.com

These are collectors of all kinds of antique lighting. Specializing in English-made products, but covering all European lighting (paraffin, petrol, manufactured gas, alcohol, and other fuels). A group of dedicated lamp scholars that enjoy their lamps.

The Historical Lighting Society of Canada

c/o Membership Secretary
P.O. Box 561, Station R
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4G 4E1
E-Mail: HLSC President < david.broughton@sympatico.ca >

For collectors of all early North American lighting devices, from heavy oils, early kerosene, vapor lamps, kerosene in the modern era. Special interest in early kerosene burners and lamps. Excellent quarterly magazine, and several meetings a year.
To link to their website, click HLS-C

The Night Light

c/o Bob Culver
3081 Sand Pebble Cove
Pinckney, MI 48169
E-Mail: rculver107@aol.com

For collectors of "miniature" lamps, properly called night lamps or night lights. Quarterly newsletter, and annual Convention, Lamp Show and Auction.
To link to their Web site, click Night Light

The Rushlight Club, Inc.

Ms. Rose Homberg, Corresponding Secretary
The Rushlight Club, Inc.
825 Hollins St.
Baltimore, MD 21201 USA
Phone: 443-433-6071
E-Mail: correspondingsecretary@rushlight.org

The Grand-daddy of Lighting study clubs. Founded in 1932, the member's interests span the subject of artificial lighting from rushlights and candles through the pre-electric era. The RUSHLIGHT magazine is devoted to scholarly articles, and is published several times a year. A lively quarterly newsletter is also published. Generally three meetings per year.
To connect to their Internet Home Page, click Rushlight

The International Lychnology Association

Attn: Dr. Laurent Chrzanovski, General Secretary of the ILA
28, av. Wendt
CH-1203 Geneva
E-Mail: admin@lychnology.org

This is a relatively new association active in the field of more ancient lighting devices: The International Lychnological Association (ILA). ["Lychno" is from the Greek word for "light".]
Founded in Nyon (Switzerland) during the 1st International Congress on Ancient Lighting Devices (2003), the ILA has now more than a hundred fifty members in 27 different countries. The objective of the ILA is to act as a federation of specialists (professors, researchers, students) in order to promote the study of lighting from the Prehistorical, Ancient and Mediaeval worlds to the Renaissance.
The ILA organizes a large triennal congress, and several thematic round-tables, with help of Museums, Universities and interested Istitutions. The acts of the reunions are always published.
The ILA has a brand new internet site (www.lychnology.org), where you can find lots of information.
To connect to their Internet Home Page, click ILA

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