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Links to other lighting related Websites

For offical organizations see "Lamp Clubs".

Click on the ICONS to go directly to these enjoyable and informative Websites. Listings are grouped by type of lighting, with General first, and specific types (Aladdin, Pressure and Flat Wick Lanterns) following. We've included some sites about fuel stoves at the end. Many are conducted by Guild members.


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Dan Edminster combined his love for lamps with his love for computers and produced a wonderful information rich website. He lists the books that would make a fine Lighting Library. The icon takes you to his Home page and you can start a tour of his site there.

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From Lumiere d L'Oeil in Paris. This is a very special treat. "A full page of lamps flames for the pleasure of your eyes." Ara's links page is particularly complete. This, and the rest of Ara's site is in English, French, and German

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The European Gas Flame Association (Association la Flamme Europeenne du Gaz) is a group that studies and collects "city" gas lighting, and gas-fired appliances. A beautiful page, and in English.

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Chris Sugg has compiled an ever growing page of the history and products of the primary gas lighting and heating company in the UK. He has drawn on the collections and memories of several generations of Suggs involved in the business.

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Here are ALL your fuel name questions answered in one place. Doron Papo from Israel has taken great care in keeping this material updated.

The Lucerna lamp An Italian silver collector named Georgio has a web site that contains some excellent information and pictures on the Lucerna lamp, and a good general history of very early lighting.

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German collector Werner Pempel has a website (all in German) with images of his collection of Meissen pottery lamps, and an excellent section (titled "DSR" for "Dochtschusselrader", wick knobs) on wick knobs mostly identified by manufacturer.

Australian collector and restorer Stuart Driver has an excellent website on Edward Miller kerosene lamps. He has included lots of pictures of a large variety of kerosene lamp styles, and discussions on restoration and cleaning of kero lamps. Miller was a heavy exporter to the "Down Under" market, so American collectors should not be surprised to see such a collection.

ALADDIN Kerosene (and Electric) LAMPS

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Darrell Kleckner shows lamps from his Aladdin collection in a series of excellent photos that can be used to identify specific Aladdin lamp models. The website also features a good "tips" section, and his "On the Road Again" section, with reports and photos of his lamping travels.

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Terriann Wakeman has created an extensive page on metal Aladdin lamps. She includes exploded views and diagrams.


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Terry Marsh has a huge website with photos from his and other collections useful for identifying models and makers of pressure lamps and lanterns, etc. This page is constantly updated.

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Dr. Alan Moore has done an excellent job on pressure lamps and lanterns (Coleman, Tilley, etc.) worldwide. He lists makers and brands from all over the world, and has an Identification inquiry section to try and identify unknown lamps.

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An excellent page from Shinzo Kono, a Japanese collector. A large selection of images that are well documented. He has an excellent page on restoration techniques.

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Erik Leger has opened an site featuring the history and products of the Continental-Licht AG of Frankfort, Germany, probably the least known of the "Big 4" German pressure lamp makers.

Vendor Logo Jerry and Pat Engbring are long time Coleman and other gas pressure appliance collectors. They are sharing their collection online for all to see.

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This is a large International forum which covers a wide array of brands of pressure fuel lamps and lanterns from around the world. Help from some of the leading experts and collectors can be found here. The site includes an extensive pictorial gallery by country of origin and brand to help in identification. It is the best source for information on European brands.

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The home forum for the North American gasoline pressure lighting collectors. Mainly Coleman related, but other brands are discussed. A large degree of conversation outside of the topic. Visitors are advised it can be ruckus.


Vendor Logo The largest of the flat wick lantern sites is operated by Woodward T. Kirkman. Woody's "Lanternnet" site contains a huge amount of information on Dietz (including a Patent list for that company). This is both a commercial and non-commercial site with numerous sections. Lantern collectors are in for a real treat.

Vendor Logo Key, Lock and Lantern, an Organization for Railroadiana Collectors has a page that contains many sub-pages on US railroad lamps and lanterns. KLL also takes submissions for ID questions to be posted on the site.

Vendor Logo Here's another excellent railroad hobby-specific site with a Q e