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The Guild is not a commercial organization, but a group of researchers. If you wish to learn about or contact the Guild go to the About Us page.
We are researchers in fuel lamps , such as kerosene, gas, and oils.
Sorry, no electric lamps.
If you are looking to find or use information from here to sell an item, please refer to the Terms & Conditons at the base of the Main page. Use is by permission only.

We do not answer requests for prices or appraisals here.
There are just too many variables to consider. Hands-on examination is the only way to determine "value".
The Guild is most interested in historical significance and preservation.


Search here before you post a question. You may find your answer.
Archived questions may be viewed and searched using question titles or key words:
For the more common brands of lamps & lanterns there are numerous references. There are over 6000 answered questions with photographs in our files. Just use the "Search the Archives" button found above. We also suggest a simple "Google" search of a brand or company name. Often, that's what we have to do to get answers.

Reopening or answering an Archived Question requires re-entering it as a new question. You may referred to an Archived Question by number in the new question title.

Posting a New Question

Good information is necessary to help you. The more details provided the better help you will receive.
Items to help identify a lamp, or lantern should include:

An Image

A good image is the most important element. 99% of all questions need an image to go with them. What we need to see and what you describe can vary a great deal.

We need to see the lamp, and its parts.
Use a neutral background for your photos. Busy backgrounds prevent us from seeing details. Please rotate your pictures.

Please do not post questions until you are prepared to provide an image. The image needs to go with the first posting for correct upload to our server. Coming back to do it later is more difficult for you and us.

Your Description

  • The Maker (found on flame spreaders, wick knobs, filler caps, font tops, etc)

  • A Brand Name

  • A Description of the burner, flame spreader, wick mechanism (ie: how does it seem to burn and make light?)

  • Dimensions, color & patterns of glass pieces, logos embossed on the brass parts, description of chimney, etc are also useful.

If you need help posting a question or image please ask us. Incomplete postings are simply deleted. Technical Support would be happy to assist.

Important photo requirements

  • Photo file size must be no greater than 125 KB
  • Photo files cannot have spaces, dashes, etc in the name
  • If photo does not upload try renaming the file
  • Photos must be GIF or JPEG format (no PNG, BMP, TIFF)
  • Photo filename extensions must be .gif or .jpg (case is not important)

Click here to add a new question.

Click here for technical support

Please - no electric lamp questions - we don't know, either.

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